Frequently Asked Questions

How much do events cost?
SPN negotiates the best possible price for each of its activities, and passes that cost on directly to members. Many events have no fixed fees, so you pay only for what you consume. Other events have a fixed price calculated to cover the costs. Some house parties are free, but require you to bring food and beverage to share. There may be an additional charge for guests. Overall, costs to participate in an event are nominal, and much less than you would pay to a for-profit organization for similar events.

Why do I have to join?
SPN is a membership based organization and the $40 annual membership fee pays for all club expenses, including publishing of our monthly newsletter, as well as subsidizing fixed costs, such as live entertainment and events that the organization provides its members free of charge.
Depending on the activity, we may charge a fee for non-members, usually $10.00.

Can I attend events without being a member?
If you are interested in becoming a member, we encourage you to attend several events to get a feel for the organization before joining. We request that interested singles join SPN within three months of an initial event. That should be sufficient time for you to decide whether you would enjoy SPN. If you gave us your e-mail address, we will send you a newsletter for three months. After that time, if you have not joined SPN, we will stop sending you the newsletter.

Who belongs to SPN?
There are currently 150 active paid members, with more joining each month. Members are active, mature adults, many of whom still work, while others are retired. Currently approximately 60% of members are female and 40% are male.

How do I join?
To join SPN, you must submit a signed application, be recommended by a current SPN member, and submit a $45 check made out to SPN. Please hand deliver application and check to any board member of SPN at any SPN event. Each month, the Board of Directors reviews membership applications prior to their approval.

How can I get to know people?
To maximize your membership, you’ve got to get involved. Just show up, and someone will welcome you and make you feel at home! One easy way is to attend the Friday night happy hours, which are held each Friday at 5:00 at different popular restaurants. Most people arrive before 5:30 pm, and leave by 8:00, many moving to the dining room to eat dinner together and then heading out to dance at a local hot spot.